J&O Short Wedding Film

My first barn wedding. What a breathtakingly beautiful ceremony… And the autumn colours around it… And the wedding party, the guests, the fun… And most importantly, of course – Jana and Olari with their daughter in the centre of it all! Your kindness and joy was reflected in the entire day! I hope to meet you again. I come to Tartu, my birth town, every once in a while, so maybe I’ll run into you… 

Wedding Film | Urmo Lamp
Wedding Venue | Tammistu küün
Photography | Jana Solom 
Band | Posö
Wedding Father | Raul Kivi
Master of Ceremonies | Olavi Ilumets


“Urmo! What a great video! I said nothing about music to Olari, when suddenly in the middle of watching the video, he commented: “What a good song for the background!” 🙂 My personal favourite part is the one in the end where we are twirling first inside and then under the apples trees – super! And, of course, all the different angles are so nice. We are thrilled! 🙂 Even my grandma said thank god it’s not some homemade clip!

Jana and Olari

J&O lühike pulmavideo
G&T Short Wedding Film