K&B Short Wedding Film

“When I first met Kaia and Benjamin in Edelweiss in Pärnu, it was a deja vú moment – I know these people, but from where, I don’t know… They came in through the door, eyes sparkling, hearts open,” said the wedding host Priit Jaeger. This same feeling came over me when I first met Kaia and Benjamin in café Pierre in Tartu to discuss their future wedding day. I believe this description says it all – their wedding day was just as warm, sincere and fun.

Wedding Film | Urmo Lamp 
Wedding Venue | Sangaste Castle
Photography | Karmen Kärg
Band | Onud
Wedding Father | Priit ja Gille Jaeger
Decoration and dessert table | Zefiir peokorraldus
Firework | Tulekild
Wedding Cake | Eneli Kohjus
Wedding Dress | Hanna Korsar
Groom Suit | Baltman
DJ | Sigmar Muuga



“I feel as though I want to show the entire world what love means with this video. And share with everyone the nice likeable person that captured this day and our love. I want to recommend you to everyone, because the result could not have been better. Thank you for doing your job with such love and dedication. It shows in every second of the film. You have a wonderful job.”

Kaia and Benjamin


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